Welcome to Flying Saci

We are a studio focused on educational games and apps.

Let's Play!


We create fun games and educational apps for you and your family. These are some of them:


Have fun while learn mathematics in epic battles. You can challenge your friends and family into multiplayer matches.

Singing Frogs

Listen carefully and pick up the correct singing frogs. Learn more about Amazon frogs and toads while having fun with your friends.


Try this Augmented Reality app to learn more about Amazon animals and have some fun with them in your living room or office.

About Us

We are the Flying Saci Game Studio. We make games and AR apps for fun and learning.

A great team doing great things!

Based on Amazon Region, Brazil, the Flying Saci Game studio is a team of designers and developers commited to create:

  • Educational games for home and schools.
  • Educational applications for training your skills.
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality applications for health and training.

Our home is the Amazon State University Company Incubator - InUEA. This academic environment is helping us to add the most valuable content to our digital products. Our partners are commited with our mission of education through technology.


Feel free to drop a line or two.


Av. Castelo Branco 504,
Manaus, AM - Brazil 69065-010


+55 92 3878 5473

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